Uptown Doodles

A few things you should know:


Each family that has secured a place on the waiting list with a deposit is allowed to come to our scheduled open house before puppy pick day. Open house is scheduled soon after puppies are born and we ask that if you want to visit that you make arrangements to come on that day. There are many viruses that are very dangerous to puppies that have not had vaccinations and we take every precaution to prevent infection. Keeping traffic down in our house is our first line of defense and it also allows us to use our time to focus on the care of the pups. When you come we will ask you to follow our safety protocol to reduce the risk of infection to the puppies. We ask that you DO NOT visit any other kennels or breeders in the same day and DO NOT bring any of your current pets as this tends to spread germs that can be very harmful to the puppies. 


Puppy placement

Puppy choice will be made in the order deposits are received. By 4 weeks we expect the balance to be paid unless other arrangements have been made.  After the puppies get their vet health check at 6 weeks we will allow families to choose in the order that we received their deposit. Puppies go to their new homes at 7 weeks of age on our scheduled puppy pick up day. We do not keep puppies past 7 weeks and we ask that you make arrangements ahead of time to pick up on the scheduled pick up day. First and second choice is always reserved for Uptown Doodles. We reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy to a buyer at any time for any reason and are not obligated to give an explanation.

If you paid your deposit and circumstances are such that you decide you cannot buy a puppy at this time, you may move the deposit to another litter. You must inform me of this decision before the puppy is four weeks old in order to make the puppy available for other buyers. Deposits are non-refundable. The price of the puppy may change in future litters, and there is no guarantee that you will pay the same price as the litter on which the original deposit was made. 


Medium and standard SOLID goldendoodle puppies are $2,500.

Uniquely patterned (parti, tuxedo, or phantom) medium and standard goldendoodle puppies $2,800

SOLID Minis are $2,800  

Uniquely patterned (parti, tuxedo, or phantom) Minis are $3,100. 

6% South Carolina sales tax applies to all South Carolina residents.

This price includes first shots, vet wellness check, microchipping, take home packet with the Puppy Culture Training Protocol Videos, snuggle puppy, and other essentials for the ride home and first week plus lifetime support and the most well raised puppy possible. 

If certain requirements are met, we are open to discussing the purchase of breeding privileges.  This will be at our discretion. We do not typically sell breeding dogs.  

Guardian puppy ( WE are taking applications for guardians at this time)

 We are always looking for qualified guardian homes. If you live within 100 miles of our location and think you would make a good guardian home please click on the link and read more about it. It is a great way for you to get the dog of your dreams at a greatly reduced cost.  We are in need of homes for goldendoodles, golden retriever and poodle puppies. 


We accept Paypal (additional 3.5% processing fee/ask for an invoice before you pay), cash, cashier’s check, money order, or personal check (made out to Uptown Doodles). Personal checks sent for deposits must clear before you will be placed on our waiting list and final payment checks must clear by the puppies 4 week birthday or you will get bumped to the bottom of the pick list. The deposit counts towards your payment.   

Please arrange to pick up your puppy on the specified pick up day.   We will let you know way ahead of time when that will be so please make plans accordingly. 

Transport-There are several ways to pick up your puppy.  It is always preferable to pick him up in person. We can sometimes arrange to meet you half way for a round trip charge of .75 a mile. If you would like to fly into Greenville SC airport we will meet you there . We will consider driving to the Atlanta airport for a fee of $1.00 a mile for the 300 mile round trip plus $100.00.   

Occasionally we are able to board puppies past 7 weeks. If we are boarding your puppy after the 49th day ($50 per day), that payment is also expected on the 4th week birthday. I will not always be able to extend the time that your puppy stays with us. Please discuss any plans contrary to the 49th day pick up well in advance. Insurance from Trupanion must be taken out by any family who will not be able to pick up their puppy by 7 weeks.


We health test all of our breeding dogs to make sure you are getting the healthiest puppy possible. No puppy from Uptown Doodles has ever been diagnosed with a  genetic disease. We strive in every way possible to provide you with a healthy puppy. Please do your part to follow all food and exercise recommendations that will be given in detail in your take home packet. The wrong kind of food or exercise can do irreparable damage to a fast growing puppy’s joints. You should read the recommendations several times over the first year as puppies are not fully mature until at least 18 months of age.

We offer a 3 day general health guarantee and a 2 year genetic disease guarantee. Please read further for more information on the health guarantee.


All signed contracts are due with your final payment at the 4 week birthday of the litter. You should familiarize yourself with the contract before the 4 week birthday of the litter so you are aware of all guarantees and expectations.


If you have any comments or questions about puppies or goldendoodles please feel free to call us or e-mail us. Our e-mail address is uptowndoodles@gmail.com. Contact # 864-567-7592 Please keep in mind that we are not a kennel or place of business but rather a family residence.